General Settings Tab

  1. Import Locations - This is the first step you should do after the installation of the plugin. The importer Imports Jobs location, which entered previously the installation of Job Manager Geolocation, into the geolocation database table. A job location must exist in the geolocation database in order to be displayed in the search results and on the map.
  2. Google Maps API Key - since Job Manager Geolocation features are powered by Google Maps, this API key is required. Here you can learn how to generate and set up your Google Maps API key.
  3. Google API Region - enter the region code that you would like to be used as the default when Google API geocodes an address. This is useful when most or all of the jobs on your site located in a specific country or region. Here you can find the list of supported region codes.
  4. Google API Language - set the default language of Google API. This feature controls the language of the maps, as well as the address autocomplete suggested results. Here you can find the list of the supported languages.
  5. Address Autocomplete ( admin ) - enable suggested results by Google API in the location field of the new/edit job page of the admin's dashboard.
  6. Address Autocomplete ( front-end ) - enable suggested results by Google API while typing an address when creating or editing a job from the front-end.
  7. Autocomplete Results Type - Select the type of the address autocomplete results. You can choose between geocode, establishment, address, regions, and cities. Here you can find more information regarding the supported result types.
  8. Autocomplete Country - enter a country code if you would like to restrict the address autocomplete results to a specific country.